Challenge Software offers automated sports challenge ladders

Challenge software allows directors to setup and maintain a sports ladder in which players can compete and schedule matches in an organized manner.

The challenge software allows participants from the highest skill level all the way to beginners to meet and play others around their same level of play. Competitors can improve their game by challenging more advance players from their smart phones or any computer with internet access.

Challenge Software by

Welcome to the most advanced challenge software available on the internet. R2sports modified its tournament, rankings, and membership software, added a few new features, and created the online software for challenge ladders. Directors manage their challenge ladders similar to running a league or tournament.

Player Features

The players can register online and select different challenge ladder divisions. All competitors start at the bottom and work their way up by winning a challenge match against an opponent that is higher ranked. Participants can login to the reporting section to make challenges, accept a challenge request, and to report match results.

The challenge software updates the challenge ladder rankings when appropriate. Automated emails are sent to players when someone has requested a challenged, a challenge is canceled or accepted, when a player fails to respond to a challenge, and if a non-participation penalty is issued.

Players can read the challenge ladder rules from the challenge website. The challenge software creates the rules after the director goes through setup steps.

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Director Features

The director is responsible for setting up the sports ladder software. Select from different challenge ladder divisions for players to enter, and decide if females can compete on male ladders. Set all the ladder challenge rules like how many spots up a challenge can be made, how many days a player must respond to a challenge, and if you want to issue a non-activity penalty to encourage more participation.

The challenge software generates a website for the sports ladder. Directors can customize the website by adding a home page message, uploading a logo, selecting a color scheme, and adding any additional customized text to explain extra challenge rules.

The director also manages any player disputes and corrects results that were reported incorrectly. Edit rankings in ladder software to change player ranking spots.

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