Challenge Ladder Screen Shots

View screen shots of the R2 sports challenge software.

See images of how the director chooses the challenge ladder options and sets the rules. A challenge ladder website is automatically generated after completing the setup. Players can register online for the challenge ladder along with challenging opponents and report results.

The challenge ladder email system sends auto-emails when challenges are requested or when no response or non activity penalty is issued. Directors can modify rankings if results are reported incorrectly and make and accepted challenges for players.

Activate free challenge ladder HERE.

R2sports Screen Shots: Directors

Setup Sports Ladder Software

Setting up the sports ladder software is similar to how a tournament director sets up their tournament template.

The director goes through the steps in the main event information. Click the set main event info link to choose the name and location of the sports ladder and add the director contact info. Click the set defaults for challenge ladders to modify the ladder challenge settings. Click the set custom event options link to create custom questions that players have to answer during online registration. Set divisions to offer for the sports ladder and participants can register for them when selecting divisions for online entries.

Customize the event website by editing the home page on the sports ladder website. Upload an event logo and link an organization to the challenge ladder. Select a top banner style to change the color scheme of the website.

Setting sponsors is the same as when tournament directors set tournament sponsors. Upload up to 20 sponsors that rotate throughout all the pages on the challenge website. Add additional text to the rules page and create new director logins or change the master login if necessary.

Once the setup process is complete, in the activation section, click the links to turn on the event website and the online entries. Turn off online entries and enter players manually if your challenge ladder is restricted and not open for anyone to join.

Challenge ladder directors are able to send email blasts to everyone registered on the challenge ladder through the email membership program. Use the built in content manager to type the email.

Directors can return back to the sports ladder software setup anytime to modify and update the options.