Challenge Ladder Screen Shots

View screen shots of the R2 sports challenge software.

See images of how the director chooses the challenge ladder options and sets the rules. A challenge ladder website is automatically generated after completing the setup. Players can register online for the challenge ladder along with challenging opponents and report results.

The challenge ladder email system sends auto-emails when challenges are requested or when no response or non activity penalty is issued. Directors can modify rankings if results are reported incorrectly and make and accepted challenges for players.

Activate free challenge ladder HERE.

R2sports Screen Shots: Directors

Ladder Challenge Settings

In the sports ladder software setup, click the set defaults for challenge ladders link to get to the page to control the settings for the ladder challenges.

In the Divisions Default section at the top, most ladders should select YES for participants to be able to report their own results through the sports ladder website. The next option allows for females to register for male divisions. If YES is selected, females can select male divisions during the online entries.

When scores are reported for a match, the next option sets the maximum number of score input text boxes. Select the number of Refs for the match if it applies, and add any division selection instructions that will show up when competitors are choosing which challenge ladder divisions to participate in.

In the next section, set specific ladder rules that will apply to all of your challenge ladder divisions. After this page is saved, the challenge ladder rules page is automatically created based on the selection made. The first option is to have a ranking separator. This will set different rules for players ranked above and below a specific ranking spot. Two options after this, including how many spots up that can be challenged, and penalty positions lost, are linked to the answer chosen for the rankings separator value.

Select the number of spots a player can challenge up and select a non-activity number of days if you want players to receive a non-activity penalty for failing to make a challenge request within the maximum amount of time selected.

Choose the maximum number of days in which someone has to respond to a challenge request. A forfeit due to no response is issued if the opponent doesn’t make a response to the challenge. You may not want players to schedule a challenge too far in the future and the director can set the maximum number of days out that a person can make a request that a challenge is played.

The max pending challenges feature protects someone from getting picked on and over-challenged by everyone. If a weaker player has a better ranking, several eligible people may challenge them at once. Whenever the max pending challenges is reached for a player, they will not be eligible to challenge when viewing available challenges.

The open challenge option allows new players on a ladder to be able to challenge anyone ranked above them instead of being restricted to the normal challenge-up limit after their ranking is established. When viewing the reporting section, a red message will come up indicating an open challenge will be use if one is available.

If two players competing in a challenge are both also on other ladders, select YES for the Results Across Ladders option if you want the match to count on all ladders that they are both on. There is also an option to count tournament matches for directors using the R2 sports tournament software.

Enter any extra ladder information text or game format text that will show up on the rules page. Click save at the bottom to update the changes.