Challenge Ladder Screen Shots

View screen shots of the R2 sports challenge software.

See images of how the director chooses the challenge ladder options and sets the rules. A challenge ladder website is automatically generated after completing the setup. Players can register online for the challenge ladder along with challenging opponents and report results.

The challenge ladder email system sends auto-emails when challenges are requested or when no response or non activity penalty is issued. Directors can modify rankings if results are reported incorrectly and make and accepted challenges for players.

Activate free challenge ladder HERE.

R2sports Screen Shots: Making Challenges

Accept Challenge Request

After a challenge request has been made, a respond to new challenge email is sent to the person being challenged. Once the respond to request link is clicked, the player will land on this page where they can either accept the challenge request or request new times for the challenge.

When a player challenges an opponent. If any of the requested locations and times fit into your schedule, to accept the challenge, select a starting time from the Start Time drop down box and click ACCEPT.

You can also request to change to a new location or time if you cannot play during any of challengerís offered times. Do not accept any of the times at the top, and enter new dates and times for your request. The original challenger will receive an email to respond to your request. They can also login to the reporting section, view pending challenges, and respond to the request from there.

This process will continue back and forth until either the challenger or the opponent accepts the otherís requested times to play. When the ACCEPT link is clicked, both players receive an acceptance notification email with a link to report the final match results and enter match scores.